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Trick Or Treat

“You get to see God in there!” one of the kids said to his friends on the sidewalk approaching the convent, as he was exiting.  Our Trick or Treaters were invited to make a visit to our chapel after they got their treat of candy and a Holy Card of St. Michael.

We enjoyed our first Halloween at the convent. (Last year it was on a Saturday and we were at the mother house.)  Not only do we enjoy seeing the children, but the event also serves as a way to help people connect with Jesus and His Church.  Some of the neighborhood kids know little about the church and less about Sisters, so the opportunity to bring them in for a minute can be a grace for them.

Seeing our Convent chapel the first time kind of takes your breath away. From the outside it looks like a normal house for normal people.  As soon as you look behind the front door it’s pretty clear that this is a different sort of place.  Not only do the Sisters live here, that room is clearly a chapel, and Jesus lives there, too.


To hear a child say, “You get to see God in there,” brings joy to my heart.  Nobody said that to him, he figured it out.  That means the chapel is well designed and he picked up on a variety of signs that led him to a reality that he proclaimed aloud on the street.

We had 113 children and about half that many adults stop by.  It was good to have you all, thanks for coming.  Recognizing some of you with the costumes was a challenge!  We pray a few seeds of grace were planted along with all that sugar.

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Barbarian Meets St. Peter’s Fifth Grader

Barbarian meets St. Peters 5th grade girl

OK, she wasn’t a fifth grader here, but she could have been, nor was he a barbarian (The rest of the story is true.) It was Saturday night and at the family reunion a generally unchurched fellow found himself mixing with a Catholic family, much like many of our families.  The ten-year old who was “all boy” heard that some of those gathered for the weekend would be going to Mass on Sunday morning; he was welcomed to come along.  “Mass, what’s that?” he asked.

“Well, it’s ‘church’; we go to pray and learn about Jesus,” was the response from the mom present.

“You have to sit very still for a whole hour,” the little girl chimed in, thinking this would be nearly impossible.

“I think I’ll pass,” the little fellow said.

The next morning, the five minute warning went up, “You have a few minutes to finish up whatever you are doing so you can get ready for church.”

The little fellow says, “I’m going, too, I love Jesus and you can always learn a little more about Him,” and off they went.

New evangelization takes many forms, let’s not miss our chance, even though we mess up occasionally (which I do regularly).  Thanks be to God we get to start again.

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