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Jacob’s Leg and Grace

One of our older boys , Jacob, was involved in a very odd accident when a vehicle in attempting to avoid a car in front of them struck a group of students on the sidewalk as they were leaving after spending some time standing up for life.  I have observed many things since then, among them:

  • Jacob has built the Mystical Body of Christ through his suffering.
  • The remorse of the man in error has been noted by many, even Jacob’s mom.
  • Deb, Jacob’s mom is also witnessing to grace received.  When asked what it was like getting that call, Deb who was out of town at the time, commented that her husband, Wayne, was close by and what a blessing that was.  (She didn’t get stuck on being out of town, I think I would have.)
  • Jacob’s joy in the midst of the cross has been beautiful.  His mood at the hospital has been so good.
  • A few days into the hospital stay Deb arrived for a visit.  Can you imagine a mother’s pain upon arriving and hearing your son in the next room getting the packing removed from the wound?  He doesn’t know you are there, but you can hear him in a whole lot of pain.  Deb didn’t dwell on the trauma of hearing that, but was only concerned about her son.  I couldn’t get past that detail in my own mind, I’m not sure who experienced more pain from that scene, Jacob or Deb.  Deb must understand Our Blessed Mother a bit more after that experience.
  • Staying upbeat when you have three chipped vertebrae and a severe wound, builds not only the Mystical Body, it also sets a great example for those around you.  Thanks, Jacob.
  • The students and staff here have been visiting Jacob, and inquiring about him.  Visiting the sick is a corporal work of mercy.  Keep it up, 8th graders!
  • The children have gladly joined together in prayer for Jacob, and he and his family can feel the benefits.
  • Jacob and his family have been grateful for the prayers and works of mercy.
  • Father Townsend has been to visit a few times and brings back a good report.  That’s our pastor!

I just got off the phone with Deb, Jacob is headed home, and very soon this afternoon it looks like!

Lord, help Jacob continue to heal well, bless him and his family, and bring good from this accident as only You can.   (Deb thanks for permission to print this.)

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God’s Spoiled Spouses

While our new convent should not be the topic of too many blogs, I just can’t help it.  Gratitude demands that it get an entry.  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU.  It has been so delightful not only to walk to and from school, but to live simply in the neighborhood here.  Thanks to Father Christensen and the many parishioners who have helped get the convent ready and take care of us to this day.  We feel like God’s spoiled children.

Our convent home is located at 6225 S. 44th.  Six doors down the street if you drive right across from the new parking lot.  On a normal day you would recognize our home by the large Marian statue out front(Mary crowned Queen of Heaven, so appropriate for us School Sisters of Christ the King), and if you miss that, you won’t miss the large papal flag flying by the front door.  Sister Mary Gabriel is the chief of flag control.  IMG_2290She flies the American flag on patriotic feasts holidays, lest we be accused of undue bias.

Sister Mary Maximilian is custodian of the plants in the landscaping keeping them nice and moist so they survive the shock of moving to our house. IMG_2288

Sister Marie Amata, the white veiled novice in the group who assists in Sister Mary Maximilian’s room, not only loves to cook, but HOT food.  Here she is with a red jalapeno peper, right next to the grill which has served us well repeatedly.  We won’t be giving her any competition for that red pepper!IMG_2286

Sister Peter Marie, pictured here with our first broken glass, really should have a cookie in her hand, as her favorite hobby is to eat!  Since she is down at Benedictine College until next week, I had to pull up an old picture, commemorating our first broken dish. Cephas

I’m sort of the queen of fix it, adding little finishing touches like hanging pictures, and towel rods.  I’m on my second box of 25 wall anchors, so far none of them are showing when the job is finished. FullSizeRender(Don’t miss Bob the Tomato suspended from the ceiling as the hanging stop for the car.)

Can you tell we love the place?  Thanks for making it possible…..and if that were not enough, (which it clearly is!), some of you are bringing us dinner.  I really feel spoiled.  You work hard, too, at family life and it’s many facets, and nobody brings you dinner.  We are blessed far beyond anything we deserve.  “Lord, bless these, Your people who are so good to us, bless them abundantly please, you have blessed us through them, now enable us to be a blessing to them, not only though their children at school, but also through our petitions in gratitude.”

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