Well Done Good and Faithful Servants

I hear the Lord’s voice calling out to our parents and teachers as we close this school year, “Well done good and faithful servants.”   What a challenge it has been. While I have run into a handful of people who have truly enjoyed more components than they have found challenging, they are few in number, and it causes me to be in awe at the various ways the Lord creates.

Bravo to you who as parents have juggled not only the “normal” work, and multifaceted family life, but now have also supported your children’s learning in every way you could. I know the adjustments needed varies widely with where your family was when all this hit. Just as our teachers had no preparation for the change in the way we educate children at a distance and needed to learn new ways for delivery, you, too, as parents had no warning you would have your children home and would need to adjust so many things to support their learning and make the most of the situation at hand.

As we finish up the school year I am left with two sentiments:

  • THANK YOU – parents and teachers, you have done heroically.
  • Whew, we made it.

We have always needed to team with parents in Catholic Education to be successful, BUT NEVER BEFORE LIKE THIS! May we stay unified in this time of physical distance! Is there anything in life more important than good formation of the human person?

May the Good Lord continue to help us find grace in the present moment. While that is always true, the changes of the last months surely have unique graces. I continue to work at finding them and opening my heart to receive them well. I pray for that same grace for you and your families.


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