Fr. Doty Defines Pastor

Fr. Doty Defines Pastor

Father Doty announced yesterday morning that he has received a new assignment.  When he initially learned of the change, he was surprised.  He said he has been happy here and he loves the people here and sees so much potential in our parish.

The Scriptures and the Church speak eloquently of the Good Shepherd and Jesus’ call to His priests to be pastors of the flock. As the Good Shepherd Jesus attentively tended his sheep and went after the one lamb that had strayed. He bandaged the lamb’s wounds, carried her gently back to the fold.

Getting to know Father, his care of the flock, especially the wounded and those in greatest need, it has been easy to find not only a good shepherd in him, but it has been easy to see The Good Shepherd. The Church calls her priests to act “in persona Christi”, in the person of Christ. That has been very easy to see in Father, especially as he prays the Mass, and in his willingness to go after the wounded.

Father stepped into a tough situation when he arrived short of two years ago. I recall his first words in his first homily, “I’m glad to be here…..” There’s a Good Shepherd going into a flock of wounded and mad sheep. Spiritual triage. And he sincerely said, “I am glad to be here.” That’s a shepherd who knows the flock needs him, and he is glad to be amidst them. Father also spoke beautifully of his change, clearly, though, it was not his idea. His closing words spoke lovingly, “Our lives are not our own.”

Father will be going to St. Mary’s in Denton.

Fr. Eric Clark will be coming here as pastor. Fr. Doty said that one consolation for him is that Fr. Clark is coming, he feels he will be good for our parish.

The changes happen in mid-June. God bless all who are in transition of any form.


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