Building on the Foundation of Family!

Grandparent Day on Monday was a blessing. Wow, that was a great turnout! We had the meeting room, Bishop Vasa Hall, and the gym all full of doughnut-eating families.

Family is such a blessing! Whether your family could be there or not on Monday, family is a blessing beyond measure. It is first in the context of family that we experience love. When we know love from our family, we much more readily know the love of God our Father.   Family teaches us fidelity. There was a lot of permanence in the gym on Monday. Grandparents, who have weathered the storms of life and persevered through tough times, help us have firm foundations into which we can sink our feet, and lend stability to life, especially when that stability is founded on a component of faith along with family.

In the midst of a culture that seems to find every change as good, and has a hard time finding a measuring stick to discern the good from the bad, grandparents bring some refreshment. We don’t want to accept or reject change as good or bad without discernment. Two measurements often found to provide enlightenment are view the issue from the point of eternity, and if something has been held as good for hundreds of years, maybe we should think twice before brushing it aside. Both seem to stand in stark contrast to the spirit of today: “Does it feel good”, and “Will it make me happy now”.

I also want to thank the parents and grandparents who chuckled at the humor of the day, and contributed to the Early Childhood Expansion item of the day. The website is still open at and we will accept checks through the end of time for a week or two. Both will still be matched twice. We gathered about $5000! We have a long way to go, but that will sure help when matched twice to $15,000. To clarify we will need a building to expand the program, so you will not see results next week, I’m hoping for the week after. God bless us all along with our families!



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