Wild Wood Weed

Marijuana, some say it’s coming, some say it can’t, some say it has already arrived.  Yes, I know it’s illegal.  I have a number of friends in education as you might suspect.  It is they who weigh in most confidently with comments that it has already arrived.  They can see it in the dazed faces before them.

This very issue is so compelling we have families in our very parish and school who have uprooted their large families, and relocated here, where the weed and its components are less prevalent.   After one family’s relocation, their three-year-old daughter who shows early signs of the feminine genius, said to her mom, “Momma, where are all the crazy people?”  A successful move, it seems.  In Colorado when they would go to the park to play there would be semiconscious people on the park perimeters on a regular basis.

Before I take any more of Monica Oldenburg’s anecdotal experiences, I need to invite, encourage, beg you to come with your child to the SFA meeting on Jan 21st.  (Fifth grade is the hinge point generally.  Many fifth graders are ready for this presentation, others maybe not.  You as parents can best make that call.  Children above fifth grade are likely ripe for the information while the iron is cool.). Some of the children heard part of this information last year, but not with you at their side.  Marijuana isn’t the smelly weed from when I was a kid. Gummies, brownies, and vaping are all the rage now.  Want to know what it does to a vast majority of its users?  Come listen for yourself.

Would you rather have your child decide whether or not to use marijuana in the midst of a party setting with peers, or after being well informed along with you, then engaging in thoughtful dialogue with you?  Adolescent frontal brain lobes are developing, making the process even more challenging.

We have a blessed opportunity before us.  Hope to see you there at 7:00 on Jan 21st.  For those of you old enough to remember the Clinton administration, we won’t ask if you inhaled.  God bless.


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