Sometimes it is Good for Us to Limp Along

Thanks for the prayers (Santa brought me a new knee for Christmas). I attribute a grace filled recovery to the Lord’s goodness through the prayers of “my people” little ones and big ones. Father Doty anointed me at the school Mass on Tuesday before Christmas. So we all prayed together in addition to their individual intercession.

The new knee works very well, especially in the morning, by evening the dogs are barking, but a little less so daily. I feel very blessed by the prayers of you, my people, both young, mature, and fully mature. (I know I already said that once, but some things need repeating.) God is so good and faithful in His creation and healing power. We are all miracles of complexity. Ten million things have to go right for us to feel good on any given day, and most of the time they do!

When thanking the children for their prayers, I showed them a “souvenir” from the surgery. Kids like things they can see and touch, so after thanking them, we had a little show and tell. Of the three screws from a prior knee incident decades ago, I have one, which they can take a look at, as it is a little different from the norm. The doc said the other two screws were not visible on the outside of the bones, so he didn’t dig for them, for which I thanked him.


We could also do a lesson on labeling, those are centimeters, not inches, thanks be to God.

Until the healing finishes, I’ll limp a little and work at patience in being a patient.  When it comes right down to it, I limp at a lot of things. Truth be told, don’t we all, standard equipment with original sin. Limp though we do, continuing to move is important. With the Lord’s grace may we continue on with the joy proper to Christians in this Christmas Season. If you need a dose of that joy, tell the Lord, sometimes my prayer sounds like this, “Lord, I want to be a witness to you, bless me with the joy that will enable me to witness to your goodness.” Sometimes I can feel Him deliver, sometimes He must be doing it undercover, as I know He hears, but He seems to let me limp on. May we do so well!




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