If You Are Humble and Grateful You will Always be Happy

There was a banner on the office door of our directress, Sister Regina Marian, in my early days of formation which read, “If you are humble and grateful you will always be happy.” As we press on toward Thanksgiving it rings true in my heart.

When I get down on my knees and know Him as the source of all goodness, it puts me in my place and Him in His. I am His creation, He is God. I am finite, He is Infinite. That sort of changes the meaning of the cliché, “I put Him in His place.” Really, I can’t put Him in His place, He is there regardless of any act of mine. On the other hand, He can put me in my place, as a matter of fact He did, He does, and He will, now and forever. And, oh what a good place it is when we are in the place He wants us. May we know our place. Knowing our place is not as easy as it sounds. Humility, it is a summary statement for knowing our place. That’s the toughest of all virtues to possess. May the Good Lord help us take the next step, and may He who loves us put us in our place. I need to personalize that statement and I invite you to do the same….May He help me take the next step and may He who loves me put me in my place. There I will find peace, joy and grace. What a great antidote for the darkness of entitlement which brings the opposite.  May the Lord’s blessings of gratitude fill my heart and yours!


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