Dinosaurs in Chapel?

You have to love them, the dinosaur in chapel.  We had about two hundred Trick or Treaters come to our house last Thursday.  We invite all to make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament if they would like.  I would say 90% take us up on the offer. 


Here’s the dinosaur…


And the inflatable flamingo….


And my favorite…the panda bear.  The dinosaur and flamingo genuflected, but I couldn’t tell if he/she was a Catholic panda or not.  All are welcome to visit the Lord!

group shot halloween

And a group shot with the flamingo on the left.

Evangelization takes many forms, and I think the Lord likes it very much that his favorites, dressed in a wide variety of costumes stop by to see him.  They would come in, I’d lead a prayer asking the Lord to keep them safe and help them make good choices.  And if I had a clue anyone was Catholic we closed with a Hail Mary.  One woman left in tears, saying, “That was beautiful!”  I don’t think she was talking about the Snickers bar.

God bless us all, and may His many Saints intercede for us.

Sister Mary Michael, CK


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