Thanks, Carolyn!

Carolyn Lieb has served as our parish secretary for 23 years.  She has served ALL of our pastors since our parish was founded.  Carolyn is one of the most loyal people I know.  She is a woman of the church who has a beautiful love and respect for the priesthood that has enabled her to serve well for a long time.  When I think of the variety of personalities of our pastors, and the fact that Carolyn has worked with them all, it says she has a true love of the priesthood regardless of the uniqueness of those filling in for Jesus in our parish as pastors. 

We had a staff open house for Carolyn today, and it was a delight.  Many people stopped through to say thanks.  If you’d like to join in, feel free to send a note to school; Carolyn has about two weeks or so left.

Carolyn Lieb 

Here’s a picture of Carolyn with Amy Decker, our 4th grade teacher who is Carolyn’s daughter, and Lori Morin who is also Carolyn’s daughter.  Lindsey Decker, her granddaughter who goes to school here, also slipped up for a picture and a hug from Grandma.

 Longevity – recently we were noting how long many of our teachers and staff have worked here at our school.  Nationwide the average worker stays in a job 4.6 years.  In service occupations the tenure is 3.2 years.  Our teachers are dedicated to our parish and school.  Average years of service for faculty and staff is 12.5 years.  Carolyn is not as much as an anomaly in her longevity as it might seem as 12 others are right up there with her!  Here’s the chart that includes our school staff.


I thank God for their dedication and service to the Lord, His children and our parish.  May we serve Him well, today, tomorrow and for as long into the future as he wills!



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