Outdoor Classroom Up and Running!

A few classes have been to our “Outdoor Classroom”.  Today is a great day for it. 

Next time kids go a coat might be necessary, but right through a calm day with large flakes falling there is a potential for usage!  Outdoor Classrooms and being more strongly connected to nature is all the rage in education today.  While parts of it will come and go, I believe the potential to connect to God’s goodness in His creation will not pass.  God moves slowly in creation and yet so beautifully and powerfully. 

Here we have a fifth grade class making use of what was intended to be unfinished components of our outdoor classroom.  We are learning those stumps work pretty well by themselves, and maybe we don’t need a large log across them to make a bench!  We will likely bring in a couple benches, but the mobility of the stumps facilitates small group work or in a different arrangement, a more solitary experience.  And of course kids can sit or stand.  Flexibility is a key, and the stumps foster that opportunity for variation.


Thank you to those of you who contributed to the beginnings of our Outdoor Classroom through “Give to Lincoln” this summer.  We are not done yet, but have a good start.


www.saintpeterslincoln.com                       www.cksisters.org          

www.facebook.com/stpetershoollincoln   www.facebook.com/cksisters



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