Survey Results

Last spring we sent a survey to our families asking your input on various topics.  Our response rate was great 132 responders out of 230 families!  Following are the results on the first ten questions.

We as a faculty reviewed the results and discussed how we can serve you better. 


Explaining the bar with the numbers:

  • 85% reported a “Balanced” view
  • 7% reported “Too Much” or “Excessive”
  • 8% marked “Lacking” or “Deficient”



  • 75% reported “Balanced” on structure
  • 18% reported “Too Much” or “Excessive” on structure
  • 7% marked “Lacking” or “Deficient” on structure

Regarding communication (those of you who have persevered this far, thanks!)

  • 68% reported “Balanced”
  • 2% reported “Too Much” or “Excessive”
  • 30% marked “Lacking” or “Deficient”


The last three questions requested narrative answers more difficult to report, but no less useful internally.  Thank you for taking the time to respond to these questions also.

11.       What we do best at St. Peter School is…

12.       We would have a better school if we would…

13.       Is there anything else you would like to tell Sister Mary Michael?

Your responses are appreciated, each response was read and taken to heart.  I pray we can continue to serve you well, as we adjust to the needs of our families and the culture to help our young people be well formed Catholic Christians.


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