In the Shade of the Dumpster

The end of retreat was near, it was a beautiful sunny morning, and I took my breakfast outside to enjoy God’s fresh air and His green cathedral at a picnic table. 

MH from cemetery

The sun shone brightly and the heat caused me to look for shade.  (Aside:  We have been doing a HVAC renovation at the Motherhouse for about a year now, and the roll off dumpster has taken up almost permanent residence.)  While quite unattractive in appearance (picture intentionally omitted), the rusty old dumpster was in just the right place to provide shade from behind and make the morning even more enjoyable.  So thank you Lord for dumpsters in the right place, and help us to find your blessings in all things, especially the dumpsters and things in life that come to us in the form of nasty.  This was not intended to be a short treatise on the Cross, but in kindergarten terms, I think that is what the Lord has done.  May that blessing happen more and more in life.  The Father’s love must make it hard for Him to allow crosses, but He loves us so much He is willing to do so.  His Son showed us the necessity, and how GOOD it can be.  May we learn quickly and cooperate well, with your grace Lord.  And thanks for the shade of that dumpster.




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