A Fond Farewell

This time of the year is often a time of farewells…farewell to the past school year, farewell to this year’s teacher, (farewell to cold weather?), farewell to a school for those graduating, etc.

I had the beautiful opportunity to participate in the 8th grade scholarship interviews yesterday in which a panel of four adults heard from 32 applicants about their plans and what they valued from their experience here at St. Peter’s.  Their parents would have been very proud of them (as I’m sure they are) and I was, too!

Here are a few excerpts from some of their written applications:

“Sometimes it’s hard to live a life of faith, but when you are surrounded by good examples, like teachers, doing the right thing becomes more of a habit.”

“Being able to receive Christ at Mass every day has impacted me the most at St. Peter’s School.  Receiving the Eucharist daily has helped me to know how much God loves me.”WIN_20190515_07_52_01_Pro

“The love here has impacted me the most.  I know that’s one of the corniest things I could have written down, but it’s true.  Every day when I walk in , someone gives me a smile, and makes me glad to be here.”

“The entire staff does everything based on Jesus and I am honored to attend a school where I can pray in freedom and talk about God in the open.”WIN_20190515_07_52_53_Pro

“I would like to win this [scholarship] to save my parents a little bit of money because I would like to help them because they have helped me so much.”

“A couple years ago, I got the idea that if I expressed my faith, or showed that I had a relationship with God, I was ‘weird.’  My relationship with Christ started to become weak.  I need to give some credit to the encouragement I had from my school peers.  I saw their strong faith, so I wanted to strive to be like them.”WIN_20190515_07_52_37_Pro

“I pray to continue to grow in my faith and education at Pius even without a scholarship.”

“I am lucky to have Catholic school as an option and I’m very thankful for the decision my parents made.  The students and staff at St. Peter’s care about you and your future as a Catholic and I’m happy to be able to continue that at Pius.”WIN_20190515_07_56_23_Pro

In addition, many of the students answered the question about their future goals by comments similar to, “Well, first I want to go to heaven…”  It was obvious that this was genuine and not just stated to put on a good show.  I also delighted to hear from the students about the teacher or staff member who made the biggest impact on their lives here.

I would have to second many of the statements and sentiments of these students.  As I move on to St. Joseph’s next year, which I also look forward to, I will miss the family atmosphere I experience here at St. Peter’s and these beautiful children who are striving to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  The great thing is that all of our Catholic schools have the same goal – heaven and union with God!  With that in mind, this fond farewell is made a little easier.

May God bless you and your families and grant you a grace-filled and safe summer!

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