Alumni Visit

Typically there are a few seniors from Pius from the advanced science classes who are invited by faculty there to come help us judge the science fair projects.  Mrs. Kelly asked the students from her class to send a note on their experience.  It takes good kids with fire in their soul to recognize the same in others.  I loved their comments and with their permission wanted to share them with you.

Comments from St. Peter Alumni who came back to help judge the Science Fair:

It was so amazing! The kids were all so passionate about their topics, it was really neat to see! Gennie and I couldn’t stay for the final vote due to track practice but we got to judge for our own category.

 For 1st place in the psych category we chose a little girl who’s project was about sleep. More specifically if you could learn in your slumber. She would actually have her test subjects keep a sleep schedule and listen to the Greek alphabet that was set on a timer during time periods of deep sleep or REM sleep for about two hours a night. The next day she would quiz them to see how many letter of the Greek alphabet they knew and would tally their responses. It was a cool experiment but she disproved her hypothesis because she came to conclude that you cannot actually learn in your sleep. Of course other kids had cool experiments as well like this one boy’s experiment on age affecting perception and memory. He made a video of 12+ different people preforming certain activities and afterwards he would ask his test subjects questions from the video about tiny details that occurred. Then he would chart how many adults and kids got the questions right, it was also pretty fascinating! 

Anyway sorry for the long email, I’m usually not one to type up long paragraphs but all these kids did such an amazing job I wanted to explain at least a few of them! Overall it was really fun to be apart of, thanks for the opportunity!! 


It was super fun! There were a lot of projects on optical illusions and some on the relationship between the brain and eyes. It was fun to see the different levels of understanding the kids had of the scientific method. Some did a really great job of finding a large sample size and avoiding bias, others struggled more. It was a good experience!

Thanks for your help, it is good to see those who walked our halls a few years ago maturing so beautifully.  God be praised.



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