The Guard Has Changed

Join me in welcoming and praying for Mother Margaret Mary, our new Mother General.  We also thank Mother Joan Paul, who after 25 years of service as Superior General of our congregation will step down from her office, and continue to bless the community and the Church with her service and consecration as a CK sister.

2019 council

Mother is here in the center of the picture with her new council.  (Left to right:  Sister Mary Gabriel, Sister Anne Joelle, Mother Margaret Mary, Sister Mary Angela and Sister Mary Alma)  Hey, I just realized all these Sisters have significant roots here at St. Peters.  Sister Anne Joelle (as principal) and Sister Margaret Mary (as 2nd teacher) opened our school here in 1991!

Sister Mary Gabriel and Sister Mary Angela both taught 5th grade here.  Now Sister Mary Angela is our Assistant Principal.  Sister Mary Alma was here for nine years between my first and second nine year stint.  Pray they and we as CKs can continue to serve the Lord, His Church and your families well.  That is our deepest desire along with belonging totally to Him.

May Jesus who brings the fullness of life to us find open hearts.




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