Local Rock Stars!

Hearing of Charlie Easley’s escapades in basketball this year, made me proud of one of our own!  To make a long story shorter, Charlie Easley, Hayden Higgins, son of our former teacher Jodi Higgins, and Austin Jablonski came by to talk to our older students today.  I felt like a proud mom, grandma.

BB Charlie and company.The boys met with me earlier and we reviewed a few questions we planned to use and figured out a few things that would be really good to bring out in the assembly.  The young men shone, and the students attended well to voices that spoke with the authority of a peer only a few years ahead of them.

Highlights from the content (paraphrased as best I could to their words):

Charlie:  “Treat everyone well.  You never want to look back and need to be sorry for not being kind to someone. If you just get to know people, it’s easy to treat them well.”  Also, “Every class matters, you will like some better than others, but they all matter

Austin:  “Be sure and learn, not just get good grades.  There’s this test called the ACT, you need to have learned, it doesn’t care what your grades were.”

Hayden:  When asked about being Homecoming King and his recent Hero award at Pius.  “I don’t really know why, you just try to be positive and kind…”  The other fellows describe Hayden as giving “soul” to the basketball team and helping sharpen them.  When asked about that, they said, “You see him being kind to others, it makes you want to do the same.”

I pray it was a moment of grace for all involved. 

BB guest group shotThanks, Charlie, Austin and Hayden for taking the time to come here and speak to our kids. 

May the Good Lord bring to fulfillment the good He has begun in you!


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  1. bhgordon@windstream.net

    I appreciate their strong leadership, humility, and honesty!

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