Family Spirit

Family spirit is very evident here at St. Peter School!  Family spirit comes from shared experiences and looking out for one another because we care for each other.  Monday mornings can be tough to get back into routine after the weekend, but right away some beautiful interactions jumped out at me.

First, the Junior High musical, Annie, was a huge success last weekend!  With only five weeks of rehearsals (albeit intense ones) these young people really came alive to portray the plight of a little orphan girl as well as the scoundrels who wanted to take advantage of her.  Enjoy a few highlights below.




But behind the scenes is the love and dedication of our school family, including the parents and parishioners who generously put together the 2,000-piece puzzle called the stage, provided the artistic backdrops, the snacks at the rehearsals, the post-program cast party, etc.  To top it all off, Monday morning found many of our 5th-8th grade students eagerly donning gloves to carry off the stage parts and get the gym back in order so classes could have PE.


Secondly, as a way to celebrate April Fool’s Day, the teachers and staff enjoyed “Maui Monday.”  Although there was no obligation, people got into the festivities by dressing in Hawaiian shirts, providing pina colada’s (non-alcoholic, of course) in the faculty room and the lunch crew even decorated the cafeteria tables with streamers and real pineapples!  What a fun day!


IMG_7377.jpgFinally, a beautiful connection happened between a first grader and a seventh grader.  The first grader, Pria, just got a back brace to help correct her scoliosis of the spine.  (This is no small matter since she needs to wear it 22 hours each day for about the next 9 years!)  To help her with the transition, Ava, a 7th grader, came by to talk with her about her own back brace and how it works (Ava will only have to wear hers for about another 3 years).  It was powerful to see how this young junior high student was willing to be a support and mentor for this first grader in facing a tough life challenge.ava-and-pria-4-2019-e1554215741883.jpg

It is just this kind of family spirit that makes our Catholic school such a blessing for everyone involved.  Here, children and adults, faculty and staff, parents and parishioners all support one another on our journey “through this life to the Kingdom of Heaven.”  It brings tears to my eyes to witness this love in action.  It also reminds me of Jesus’ words at the Last Supper, “This is how all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)  As we continue on our Lenten journey, may our eyes and hearts be open to see, to give and to experience this love.  God bless you!

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