Chinese Acrobats – Win, Win, Win

“Are you sure you want to have them come for only ten people?”  One scoffer said.

“Really? It’s a day off,” said another.

“Oh, come on friends, they are already here and can come a bit later in the morning, let’s have them come!” was my take on the situation.  Sometimes principals win.

Precautions included trying not to make a mess of the floors and the gym with wet shoes.  I wanted to keep peace with the custodial staff.  I wish I had taken a picture of the “boot pile”.  It wasn’t really a pile, they were generally lined up very nicely, but there sure were a lot of them.  If you could take your boots off you did so and used the main stairwell, if you needed to keep your boots on you went to the elevator steps.  We were trying to keep the socks dry on the main stairs as well as the stairs.  It was interesting to observe that the pink boots seemed more orderly than the black boots in general.   It is amazing what little things can cause joy, getting to go to the assembly in your socks, was the start of the circus feel.  I could tell it had begun earlier as some families came in delighted at the unexpected outing.

The Chinese Acrobats and Greg their manager were phenomenal.  I’m still sore from watching what they did with and to their bodies.  They also kept more hula hoops going that I’ve ever seen!

Their sense of balance and counterbalance amazed all.

Win #1 – Over 300 people came and enjoyed.  The bleachers were full, the floor had a good number and some even watched through the windows upstairs!

Win #2 – I was delighted to hear they were glad to come perform.  I apologized to Greg their manager for bringing them out on a cold messy day.  He said they were glad to come!  Days on the road with no performances get really long and boring!  I love it when our blessing is also their blessing!

Win #3 – Instructional time in school is very important.  Teachers were also glad that we were able to enjoy the show on the day off and they can have a little more time for teaching.  I love the fact that our teachers take their role seriously and want to preserve the class time so our kids can learn. 

Three wins plus a snow day – God be praised.



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