“Jesus is the Frozen Son of God”

In the kindergarten classroom children labored to haul in the empty fishing nets as though they had been there all night long.  Oh, did they look tired as they acted out the scene, then Jesus asked them to cast out their nets again, and then came the big catch.  As they processed the Gospel scene, Mrs. Colson asked the children why it turned out differently this time. 

“Jesus made the fish,” one fellow said.

“Jesus works miracles,” another added.

“Jesus is God,” said an enthusiastic voice.

And then, “Jesus is the Frozen Son of God.”  Mrs. Colson and I did a very fine job suppressing laughter as we looked at one another with puzzled expressions.  Mrs. Colson tried a couple probing questions, and twice more clear as a bell he said, “Jesus is the Frozen Son of God.”  Well, I reckon it is awfully cold out….but I don’t quite get that one.  As all good kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Colson began weaving her way back to where she needed the lesson to go.  Meanwhile I had a few moments to try coming at it from a kindergartner angle…..sounds like…let me think.

“CHOSEN Son of God”.  OK, yes, I blurted it out and we nodded and moved on.  I’m not sure whether the child was intending to say, “Frozen” or there’s always a strong possibility of a speech issue.  The “ch” sound is a seven year old sound; as I recall, many of these children are still 5.  No wonder he didn’t have it quite right.  In his mind he may have been saying “Chosen”.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and enjoy solving the little riddle before us.

 Just today I was recalling the story to a couple who is touring the school. Brian had a similar story which was just as delightful. He told of a group of preschoolers acting out the nativity story.  The three kings brought up their gifts. The first brought his gift and proclaimed, “Gold!”

The second exclaimed “Myrrh!” as the gift was presented. 

The third laid his gift at the manger saying “Frank sent this!”

 Don’t you love the little ones!  Some of us are blessed with five year olds, year after year!  God be praised.


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