Reverse Road Rage

Recently I was on 50th Street approaching Old Cheney from the south.  I braked to slow down and absolutely nothing happened; I did not slow down, but rather slid into the intersection amid oncoming traffic.  Two very fine drivers skillfully and successfully maneuvered around me, and left me THANKING GOD PROFUSELY.  I thanked Him for making them good drivers, protecting the likes of me, and preserving me from the many inconveniences that come with getting a car fixed.  I thanked Him over and over again.  After telling a few others about the incident and thanking Him again, it occurred to me, without that mishap many acts of thanks for pretty normal things would have gone undone.  Gratitude helps me remember God’s sovereignty, His Providence, my fragile nature and it makes me more civil.  Later when someone turned in front of me, my comment was, “Yes, me too, buddy.  God bless you.”  The civility society needs begins with me, and with you and with each of us.  Its roots are in Christianity and knowing we are sons and daughters of a Loving Father.  Lord help me see that in every child and adult I meet today.


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  1. Barb Hof Gordon

    Like you, I thank God every inch of the way, for safe travels, and the many other blessings throughout the day! My prayers tend to be more of giving thanks, for all of the blessings in my life! You are among those many blessings, Sister Michael! I am thankful you were spared the obvious disastrous possibilities without God in your corner. Thank you, God, for that!

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