It is a Simple Little Graphic

but it tells a story.  I have many friends in LPS and you may note they do well, better than the State in every grade in both categories. 

testing scores

LPS and State data taken from Lincoln Journal Star, Saturday, December 22, 2018, page 1ff along with measures from the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association) site and NSCAS (Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System) proficiency standards which vary for each grade and subject matter.  The percentages illustrate the children who score as proficient in the state standards for Lang Arts and Math.  

I trust you will keep reading.  Between our teachers, our parents, our school and our curriculum we are doing well.  I am very proud of our school and the academic achievement of our children.  I am also very pleased with their knowledge of Jesus and His Church and their practice of virtue which will serve them very well also!

I am not a promoter of frequent testing.  Every day that you test you are not teaching, unless you use a formative assessment (which some of our teachers do) but standardized testing is not formative.  Students are not given the luxury of seeing what they got wrong and why, which is key to formative assessment.  Another caveat to be included is that students with IEPs were tested and included with our scores while I’m uncertain of the LPS inclusion policy.  We also test in several other areas but these are the two with consistent proficiency measures in NSCAS.  

So, although I am not a promoter of frequent testing, you as parents need to know our children are thriving academically; may they do so spiritually also and especially!  If you are interested in the details behind the numbers, I would be glad to share further in person or via email.  This little graphic took a number of hours to put together based on where LPS got their numbers and the comparable places from our standardized testing.  In the end we were able to arrive at the same ruler and present comparable data.

May the Good Lord continue to enable us to thrive, and may He especially enable the students who did not make the proficiency cutoff to learn well and enable all of us to know our great  intrinsic value in the eyes of God!

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