Fear Not!

What would you do if an angel appeared to you?  Most of us like the idea of having a tangible sense of the spiritual world, but in all honesty, would we be ready to face an angel?  In the Scriptures, whenever an angel appeared to a human being, the message always started with, “Fear not.”  In today’s reading from the Book of Judges, we hear how the mother of Samson explained the appearance of an angel to her: “A man of God came to me;
he had the appearance of an angel of God, terrible indeed.”  Do we really have a sense of what it means to be in the presence of such holiness?DSC_0003

Yet, it is precisely because we are so unworthy that the angels proclaim, “Fear not.”  God, although He is infinite majesty and glory, loves us so much that He does not want us to fear the presence of holiness.  As some of the saints have proclaimed, “He is madly in love with us.”  Such madness led Him to lower Himself even further and actually become one of us.  And so that we would “fear not,” He even abased Himself to the point of coming as a helpless baby.  Who could fear that?DSC_0093Our children did a beautiful job on Tuesday of sharing this message of love with all who came for their Christmas program.  In a world full of so many fears, anxieties and challenges, the message of Jesus this Christmas remains the same, “Fear not.”

Fear not to give Him your worries and anxieties, but to be like little children.

Fear not to offer Him your heart and ask Him to rule more fully there.

Fear not to just be present to Jesus, without having to “do” things for Him.

DSC_0113May this Christmas and the coming new year be filled with the peace and joy that only our Savior can give!

SMAn signatureDSC_0159

Fear not to trust in His deep and personal love for you.


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  1. Barb Hof Gordon, PhD

    Beautiful, Sister Michael! The program was lovely reminder, as is your blog!
    Consider yourself, my guardian angel!

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