Miss Mary Kouma is not just a phenomenal Spanish Teacher.  Note the picture below from LAST WEEK.  Don’t mess with Mary!


What a blessing Miss Kouma is to our school.  At first, I was going to say to our children, which is true, but it goes beyond the children, though they are the reason we are here.  Let me itemize the reasons:

·        Our children are learning Spanish well.  (Please don’t tell anyone, but sometimes when I go in to observe, I have little idea what the kids are saying!  And sometimes the kids are really little!)

·        The children generally enjoy Spanish class very much!

·        Miss Kouma taught Spanish at the high school level, so she sees clearly where the children are headed with language acquisition.

·        Before that she worked at a bank with Spanish speaking clients, so her conversational Spanish as well as formal Spanish is exceptional.

·        In several instances she has served as an interpreter in educational meetings.

·        And she does all this while teaching Spanish in “the airplane”, a long narrow room.  See the photo of class this morning.  The children are asking one another, IN SPANISH, “When is your birthday?”  They toss the ball to a classmate, who answers in a complete sentence with their birthday, ALL IN SPANISH.  Do you know your numbers and months in Spanish?  (If not, see the parenthesis above and join me there!)


And now for the instances that are icing on the cake!

·        Miss Kouma brings a young face of faithful Catholicism to the children!

·        Her positive enthusiasm as a faculty member is contagious.

·        She has volunteered to serve on the “Crisis Response Team”, and is a valuable member there.

·        Her choice of dress sets an example for our children, especially our girls.

We were the first, and I think to date the only, elementary school in Lincoln, public or private, to have a full time Spanish teacher.  Have I said I’m proud of Mary?  Thanks for being a blessing to our families, our faculty and to me.  May the Good Lord continue to bless you, Mary.

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  1. Barb Hof Gordon

    Sr. Michael, I couldn’t agree with you more! Mary is an amazing human being, both professionally and personally! We are blessed to have her at our school working with our students.

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