Playful Principalling

Yesterday I was out and about in some of our classrooms and came upon a group of little ones working with Weekly Readers. When I was a child, I loved Weekly Readers.  The only thing better than the regular ones were the Summer Weekly Readers.  I couldn’t wait for them to come, but that’s a topic for another day. The Weekly Readers used yesterday in class had an activity where you cut the two page brochure in half and it made an eight page book, which you had to put in order. One of the pages had spiders on it. They were magnified about 1000 times and were awesome, beautiful, fuzzy and scary! I acted a little scared of the spiders, and soon the whole class was coming at me with their spider pictures.  I’m wise enough to know when to leave.

 Their antics got me into the spirit of the day, and I remembered that I have a few extremely large plastic cockroaches in my drawer. I tied one up to a thread so I could make it move when I was not in the vicinity.  I proceeded to have it crawl across the top of the handwashing sink by the bathroom.  Later, it trekked across the tile in front of the doorways. My favorite, though, was at the top of the steps. Children didn’t notice it till they were very close, and that was the best way to get the most reaction.  Sorry teachers, a few kids were a little unruly returning to their rooms, but come on, you’d have done it, too!

IMG_4870 IMG_4869

See the same bug on a white floor (note the string) and on the darker carpet.

Halloween certainly is not my favorite event of the year. But sometimes a little bit of the spirit rubs off from the kids.  I know it’s innocent for the most part, let’s just make sure we stay far away from the Satanic.  The origin of the word goes to the Eve of All Saints Day (Hallowed, meaning holy, as used in the Our Father).  Every year our first graders not only dress up like a Saint, they memorize a line or two and present it to the school.  At first take, they are cute, at second they are good, and many cross over into the profound if we can take the time to really look and listen. 

 saints 1Bsaints 1A

Our children here catch the goodness of our Catholic faith and the Holy Spirit, and we adults catch a bit of their childlike spirit, too evidenced by the results of a little carving at the convent last night.


God bless.  Hope to see many Trick-or-Treaters at our convent at 6225 S 44th St. from 5:30 to 8:00!

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