We Hang Together or We Hang Separately!

A rather brutal title, but the culture in which we live, despite all the efforts toward inclusion, is not civil to Christians, let alone a well formed Catholic.  So…..Parent/Teacher Conferences are around the corner.  The importance of us working together as school and family can hardly be overstated.

Many times, “the same” student who leaves your home arrives at school and returns home.  Occasionally, and probably in some little way for all kids, there are some differences in the way they act at home and at school.  In your homes there are not a dozen or two extra people with whom to interact, with a different adult in charge each year.  Sometimes we need to talk about those differences.

Probably at least as important as that piece is the opportunity to confer and determine if there are ways we can support one another more fully as the children grow in wisdom, age and grace.  We are in a battle, and it is raging.  Technology, entitlement, and anxiety are a few of the newer weapons in the war for our children.  With His grace we must counter the possible negative effects carefully.  We have the Lord with us as school and family, we must actively pursue being part of His militia.  Some days that comes easier than others.

Lord, help us to work together well, so that we can witness to your unity by ours, and help the fruit of our efforts be evident in the lives of the children, in our families and in our school.  God bless, hope to see you tomorrow or Friday at conferences.

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