Sometimes You Are Hard to Tell Apart, Too

There is an aspect of every child that makes them my favorite.  Eli reinforced it today when, after I looked closely at him, and greeted him by name in the courtyard before school, he responded, “Sometimes you are hard to tell apart, too!”  Eli and his twin brother Ethan are among the cutest pair God has created. 

His comment back to me was in reference to being able to tell us apart as Sisters.  Eli and Ethan are in kindergarten and they do not have one of us Sisters regularly, so many of the kids in his shoes mix us up. 

RamackersFor a five-year-old to be able to apply the discernment used to call him by name to others…..that’s extraordinary.  But don’t stop reading, as the extraordinary for these little guys goes way back. 

About six years ago when their mom found out she was expecting twins, all was well until the middle of the pregnancy when one of the boy’s growth stagnated at about two pounds.  The other fellow was growing well.  To make a long story short we prayed like crazy when mom went to California for a surgery.  In her placenta there were three sets of vessels.  One for baby A, one set for baby B, and a set that went to both babies.  In the surgery, the doctor cut and cauterized all the shared vessels on the big baby side!  Surgery on a placenta!  I can hardly imagine!  A couple months later both boys were born between four and five pounds each.  Mom gave me permission to tell her story in the blog.  Every morning when I see the boys joyfully bounding into school, I thank God for the miracle of life that is every one of us, but these two have a little extra miracle. 

God be praised.

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