Three Things to Live By

Back in the ‘80s when I was in formation in the convent there was a burlap banner with felt letters on our directress’s door.  The content was as good as the presentation was dated.  It said, “If you are humble and grateful you will always be happy.”  Over the years I have found truth in that so often.  I find it reflected back to me often in God’s Word and people’s lives. 

So there’s two concepts: humble and grateful.  The third, which probably should flow from the others, but needs to be stated, is faithful.  An underlying foundation of Christianity supports these three, and without it, or rather Him, I think they would be impossible in the culture today.

Jesus is the reason for our school. He is the reason I show up every morning, (and stay through the day).  He is the One Who helps me find gratitude around many corners.  He reminds me I am a Beloved Daughter, who is also His Spouse, and in need of mercy around many corners.

ThesFaith Hope Lovee are simple things to live by, not always easy, but relatively simple.  Stated another way, all is gift, let us respond accordingly. 

God bless us all and may we, along with the children, learn humility, gratitude and fidelity.

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