Odd Timing

A few days ago, one of our Sisters was visiting with a Protestant friend of hers. Having not seen each other in a long time, they had a joyful, lively exchange.  The Sister was surprised to hear her friend say, “I’m thinking about becoming Catholic.” She was eager to hear how God had brought her to this. In telling about her journey, the friend remarked, “It seems like the Catholic Church is really under attack now. It must have the truth, if Satan is attacking it.”   Sometimes the Lord leaves me scratching my head in confusion for a bit.  I love it when the scratch is followed by enlightenment and an inner sense of truth and goodness amidst the cross.

We are under an attack that will result in purification, change, and please God, rededication to the primacy of Jesus.  In the midst of it let us not be complacent, but fight.  My fight looks like this:

  •        First and foremost, we need much prayer:
    •    for innocent victims, that they might be healed of their wounds
    •    for all victims of any form of abuse
    •    for enlightenment for those who have to sort all this out, that they may be able to do so promptly and justly
    •     for structures that will enable the Church to grow in holiness
    •    for priests, especially the faithful priests who suffer from the fault of their brothers
    •    for conversion of those who have sinned gravely, that through repentance and penance, souls might be saved
    •    for those who are responsible for the good of all may we be especially vigilant for the most defenseless.
  •         We also need some corporal penance for all of the above.  Let us put our bodies to work on this, too!

Father Barron recently reminded us we are not Catholic because of the moral excellence of our leaders.  I am Catholic because of Jesus Christ.  In His Word and His Church, wounded though her followers are, He is present and lives and loves. 

He lives and loves in us all, but He is so easily seen in children.  He highlights our need to care for them well when we see their innocence, goodness and joy.  (We need to care for them when all those are absent, too, lest our care be conditional, which it is not.)  Here are a few examples of what is in our halls at the present moment. 


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lord you promise to bring good from all things if we put them in Your hands.  Jesus, we need You!  We hope in You!  We have faith in You!  We love You! 

We also need to make our amendment personal!  Jesus, I need You!  I hope in You!  I have faith in You!  I love You!  I’m still scratching my head, but I can see blessing coming on the horizon, and I have confidence in Him.

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PS  By the way, Lord, could you quit washing us with this rain.  While we are not yet entirely clean, I don’t think more rain will help.

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