Father Doty’s Sense of Humor!

Adjusting to a new pastor takes a little time.  Father Doty’s sudden arrival in our parish was a surprise to all.  I shall not forget his first words in his first homily:  “I’m sorry that I’m your new pastor.”  That line was followed by a long pause, which I’m learning is not uncommon for Father, as he seems to have the unique ability (unlike me) to think before he speaks.

His next line, “I’m also grateful that I am your pastor,” was met by my personal reaction, of “Oh, thank God,” which I promptly did.  He had other things to say in that homily, but those two lines so close together spoke volumes to me.  I sort of felt like St. John Vianney had just shown up in our parish.

Oh yes, this note is about Father’s humor.  So, on Tuesday we were at our second parish meeting to go over events of the week which needed communicating or clarifying.  One of the items I had put on the agenda was “Diocesan Visitation”.  Once a year the superintendent of Catholic schools along with his assistant, and the director of religious ed comes to take a look around.  They ask tough questions which make us look at our mission how we are living it, where we are successful and where we need to improve.  We had started our meeting by simply listing the agenda items that we would then work through.  When we got to Diocesan Visitation, Father looked at me and said in his mild mannered voice, “Is this important?”  My eyes got big, I gave him that “are you crazy look”, and started to say something intense, when he said, quietly again, “just kidding.”  He made me laugh out loud.  Oh, did he get me with the joke.  I’m glad he stopped me before I had a chance to respond; he is probably glad too!

It is good to have the new Padre here.  Our Father has blessings in store for us.  He promises He always will, no matter what the circumstances.

We just finished the diocesan visitation at about 12:30 today.  Whew! It went very well.  God be praised!  The Good Lord, as well as our diocesan staff, continue to reinforce the good being accomplished here, and call us forth to more at the same time.  Such is the journey of life.

The Father wants to bless us all.  He is blessing us all.  May we receive His grace well.  Mary, Our Mother, please help us to do so.

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