We’re Off and Running!

St. John Bosco says, “It is not enough to love the children, they  need to KNOW you love them.”  While I think children can generally tell when we love them, it is good for us to articulate to them that we care about them, love teaching them, and love them.  That takes a variety of words and actions which vary with the age of a child.

The opening of this school year has reminded me that it is not enough to provide a loving environment for the children, we need to be able to show how we provide that care and secure structure.  We have made some slight adjustments here and there, but to a large degree we, as a faculty, have recommitted and communicated the many things that are in place to make our school a good place to learn.  That emphasis, and some of the concerns that have arisen, have deepened in me the desire to help you be confident in our school.

We Sisters have given our lives to the Lord and His people, which in our school means caring for and teaching the little ones before us.  When I looked at the signs our teachers used for the photo ops on the first day of school, it is obvious that they, too, are very invested in the children here.




The youngsters before us, who bring such a mix of joy and personality, are the reason for our school.


They need to learn; they need Jesus;


they have curiosity; they grow by the day.


May each step be graced.


I pray the words used to describe Jesus in His childhood may also apply to our children, “He grew in wisdom, age and grace.”  I see it in your children, I pray you do, too.

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