A Convergence of ‘Yeses’


Our average lay teacher has been here roughly 18 years.  It seems odd that although we have not necessarily chosen to work with each other, but we have all chosen to work here, and for a good long time.  When you share the same faith and concern for the children, along with some of the same challenges in reaching them, after a short period of time it becomes clear that we have a lot in common.  Over time we have become familiar with one another’s families, hopes, dreams and crosses.  When we said “yes” to becoming part of the St. Peter’s School family, we said “yes” to caring for one another.  The death of Mr. Richter has reminded me of how much care and love thrives here in our parish school, and how much you, the parents of our children, also care about our community here.

In addition to Mr. Richter’s death, Mrs. Colson’s daughter, Valerie, is also very sick, and may not be long for life on this side of heaven.  I hear many times a day, “Have you heard anything new from Rox today?” or, “Are there any updates on Valerie?”  Father Townsend just returned from visiting both families, and is assuring us of their well-being during these difficult times, offering his and our support to them.

As a school, your children are our primary concern as educators.  I see that being true every day in many ways in the service and sacrifice of our teachers for the young ones.  I also see beautiful concern for one another among the teachers and parents, whether it is stopping by to drop off food, offering a warm hug and a prayer or donating some scrip to help.  Some of you have had kids here for longer than the average teacher has been on board!  That too is a blessing!  In addition, I am seeing and hearing support for these families in need from our new families as well as the established ones.

What a blessing to see and hear the convergence of “yesses” which has drawn us together.  It is Jesus’ “yes’ to the Father in all things that enables ours to grow and thrive together.  Even – and maybe especially – in the face of the cross, we continue on and grow and even thrive.  God is our loving Father and He knows what He is about.

Thank you for your abundant/amazing prayer and support.  I feel the care of our Catholic community, which makes me grateful that we are far more than an educational institution – we are a family in Christ.  May the Good Lord continue to bless us all, especially where the need is the greatest.

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