Cute Little Horse

How that cute little horse ended up in Lost and Found, I’m not quite sure.

He sat there for quite some time, then went on the table to be claimed for a week or so, then to the Thrift Shop Box as the course of unclaimed property goes.  When just about to be deported, Sister Edith Marie thought he might be of use in preschool, so she rode brought him to school.  SIMULTANEOUSLY, Mrs. Moser was looking for a donkey to ride in their Palm Sunday procession.  Okay, Mrs. Moser wasn’t going to ride the donkey, the kids were.  She added six inches to the horse’s ears and what do you know…..a donkey emerged.

Later…..Sister Mary Angela is working away at her desk and she hears children’s voices singing, “Sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna to the King of Kings…..”  They sang it once, then there was a short pause, again, again, again, and again.  Finally she thought that’s a nice song, but singing it over and over and over……something’s going on next door.

In the preschool room she found a full-fledged Palm Sunday Procession. Palm branches waving, children lining the sides of the route, music and song, and, yes, Jesus on a long eared horse donkey.

And each child had their turn being Jesus.  She asked one of the children who was on the donkey and got a resounding answer, “JESUS!”

How blessed we are, thank you Jesus!  Thank you Mrs. Moser!  Thanks to the donor of the beast!  (If it is yours feel free to claim it.)  Jesus was on a borrowed donkey too on that Palm Sunday long ago!

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