It Happens to Our Kids, Too, Unfortunately

The note below came to me from one of our parents earlier this week.

Sent: Monday, March 19, 2018 10:02 AM
To: Sister Mary Michael <>
Subject: Thank you again for your efforts to help us keep a healthy culture here.

Sr Michael-

The Lord brought some good from our interactions this past weekend and I feel I should share with you.

My son does have an Instagram account, I may have mentioned that to you. I keep a close eye on it as well as his texting, phone use etc. This past weekend I was looking through his Instagram account and I found a conversation between him and someone he follows (and who follows him). He does not know this person and should not have been following him or allowing him to follow but that is another issue. The person was clearly an adult and the conversation was inappropriate. He asked my son where he lived and if he could visit. We decided to call the Lincoln Police Department and an officer came over yesterday morning. Although there was nothing illegal, the officer felt that he was being groomed. He said he has seen things in Lincoln start off innocent like this one did, but end very badly. The officer scared us a little bit as he shared some local stories of kids and social media and the dangers that have befallen them right here in Lincoln.

My son no longer has an Instagram account and I am signing up for Covenant Eyes today, something I had on my to do list, but had not yet done. I’m not sure Covenant Eyes could have stopped something like this but I’m going to put all the safeguards into place that I can.

I am giving you permission to share this as long as you protect our identity, if you feel it could help others. I never believed something like this could happen to us. Our children are naive and innocent in so many ways, we should not take protecting them lightly.

I am so very thankful that I saw this and that God was watching over us.

A Great Mom

Our children have heard about the potential dangers repeatedly here at school, and likely repeatedly at home too.  Too often “all that applies to someone else,” until it hits home.  We are hoping to avoid a repeat in your family by publicizing this note.  I called her “A Great Mom.”  That’s not how she signed it.  I wonder, “Do you think we are putting tools in hands that are not capable of using them well?”  Is adolescent brain development behind technology capability?

May the Good Lord guide you and your family in navigating the culture on a daily basis.  We all need help, Lord!

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