So Why Don’t We Wear Shorts Anyway?

When I as a kid, shorts were a sign of summer…  We loved those days where we could play outside for hours on end.

Now I like to see a child happy at least as much as the next guy.  So why not give the kids a little joy and let them wear shorts here at school, too?  While some of these reasons carry more weight than others, I’d like to share them, as they have bearing on our formation here.

Number one.  Peck, peck, peck…..there is a gradual breakdown of civility in our culture, and any semblance of formality or refinement is under attack.  Have you noticed the dress of people at Sunday Mass over the years? I know I’ve heard the argument….God is glad we’re there, He doesn’t really care what we have on.  There is truth to it, but there’s also goodness in dressing up for the Lord. Kids who have a pair of pants that resemble “dress pants” are used to wearing them know what dress up means and are capable of doing so.  While the girls need to continue to work at wearing skirts properly, they too are used to wearing them.

Number two.  School is serious business, and as a sports team has their uniform, so we have ours.  It gets kids in the mood for learning, and frees them from wondering, “What to wear today?”  Let’s get there and be ready to learn.  Daily routine is fostered.

Number three.  Simplicity, on a different level.  No need to purchase another uniform item as the season changes and your kids grow.

Number four. We have air conditioning, which maximizes the learning environment for the students.

Number five….for some things it is good to have to wait.  When you get to high school you can wear shorts. Stick it out, friends. There’s an argument for perseverance.  Too much, too soon makes for entitlement.

Number six.  What sane person would wear shorts day in and day out when it is well below zero?  Peer pressure and human respect are about the only two answers that I can think of. Not very good answers in the formation of souls. I really don’t want that trickling down into our school.  We need to fight peer pressure to do illogical things.  I’d rather not introduce the illogical to our kids.  It’s snowing today, which gives this reason a little more validity in March!

Number seven.   Differentiation between the boys and the girls. It’s part of theology of the body.  Our girls generally have a different uniform from the boys.  Unisex is oversold these days.  We are equal, BUT different.

Number eight.  I know more than just a few people who, when they got a “real job” had a very hard time putting aside the sweats and hoodie.  We have that formative piece covered.

Number nine.  Shorts can easily get too short.

Number ten.  It has been our custom here from the beginning.  You can let the rope out, but you really can never bring it back in.

Finally, I want to see our kids eternally happy.  A bit of discipline and refinement along the way will help, please God.

A teacher was just commenting to me how she enjoys seeing a child randomly skipping down the hallway on the way back to class.   I enjoy the girls twirling in their skirts occasionally.  Our children know they are loved and they are happy here.  That is a good signal that our formation program is working well both for this life and the next.

So, when the weather gets warm, pull out those shorts at home and let them run through the sprinkler.  But in the meantime, we’ll be keeping the pants and skirts here at school.

God bless you!
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