Catholic Sibling Rivalry

After the Bishop’s visit here on the Feast of St. Peter last Thursday which included the Eucharistic procession through the school, our children were excited, especially since it has been a while since the Bishop has been here for a school Mass.  Don’t miss the flower petals on the floor, strewn by the third grade girls.  (I was proud of Mr. Maly and staff for agreeing to a potentially difficult cleanup, for the sake of honoring the Lord.)

Bishop w monstrance

In the Bishop’s homily he asked the children some questions, one of which was, “How many popes have we had?  What number is Pope Francis?”  I don’t know about you, but at this point I’m squirming a little, as I’m not sure of the exact answer.

A child toward the front of the church where the younger children sit raised her hand and the Bishop called on her.  (Anyone want to take odds on whether she will have the right answer?) She said, “Two hundred and sixty-sixth.”

He was as surprised as I was that the little one had the answer on the nose!  Was I proud of that child and her teacher, or what? Mrs. Svoboda had written it on the board that morning, but they had not spoken of it.  The child noticed, and was it a handy fact to have!

Now on to the sibling rivalry.  When they got home last Thursday a fifth grader said, “When I get confirmed, I’ll be right in front of the Bishop!”

Her little sister, who is in second grade, said, “When I receive my First Communion, I will be right in front of Jesus!”

You have got to love the kids!  I was especially glad to hear that second grader so vividly showing she knows what Holy Communion is all about.

We also had First Confession last Saturday, which prompted a cute story from Father Townsend’s past involving a second grader in dialogue with his Grandma.  As I recall it the little one was telling his Grandma how lucky she was that she only has to think of the time since her last confession to figure out what needs confessing, and he has to think about HIS WHOLE LIFE.

After Confession the little fellow said, “Wow, all those sins and it only cost me an Our Father!”  It cost the Lord a little more than that, but that is for consideration later in life my little friend.  For now we will enjoy your goodness.

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