“Risky Play” has Benefits

Roller-skating immediately came to mind as I read a professional article on the benefits of “risk taking” in play.  http://www.sterlingwest.net/the-lessons-we-learn-from-risky-play


Watching the kids step off the mats with their skates on for the first time provides quite the scene.  Some can’t wait to get off the mat with their skates, others like the safety of the predictability of the padded surface.


We need to be careful providing opportunities for “risky play”.  Every sane parent in the world would remove their child from our school if we delighted in providing risky play opportunities without regard for the children’s safety.

Three places came to mind – Skating, the playground, and the climbing wall.  Mrs. Richter could probably provide a few more examples…  Skating is the one on our minds at present as the activity is in process a few feet from my office.


There were a couple times during the half hour class when NO ONE was on the floor, but only for a few seconds.  In a couple weeks the story will be considerably different.  It is amazing how quickly they learn.  At present many of the little ones delight inputting on nine pieces of garb.  Count them NINE! (skates, knee pads, elbow pads, a helmet and the required wrist guards.)  They make a great photo!  Needless to say, the older kids wear only the required wrist guards with their skates.  Even the older kids get to wear a helmet if they meet with the floor three times in the first few minutes.


Do your legs bend like this?  Mine do not!

A parent has volunteered to provide supervision for two evening skates, in addition to the ones listed in the newsletter at 6:00pm on both February 15th and 19th.  Join in the fun for $2 per skater.

God bless the children as they play and continue to grow in coordination, strength, wisdom, age and grace.

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