Catholic Schools Week 2018!

I didn’t grow up with a Catholic school.  In my hometown of 450 people, we had a cathedral-sized church and a Catholic school right next to it that used to be staffed by Dominican Sisters.1280px-Cedar_Rapids,_Nebraska_St_Anthony_church_from_W_1

My oldest siblings could tell me stories from the Sisters who taught them and some of them were even named after the Sisters.  But in the 1970s the Sisters were no longer able to keep staffing the school, so it was sold to be used as the public school elementary building.  I’ve pondered since then how my life might have been different if it had never closed:

  • Maybe I would have realized that prayer is having a conversation with a Friend and not just saying rote words.
  • Maybe I would have cherished receiving Holy Communion knowing that it was truly the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus and not have had to wait until college to come to this realization.
  • Maybe I would have been aware of God’s calling to my religious vocation much earlier than young adulthood…

Of course, God works through all things, but sometimes we take for granted the blessings that we have and the benefits that come to us through Catholic education.  My prayer for each of your children and your families is that these years of growth in a Catholic culture will form a foundation that will last a lifetime – actually, that will last for eternity!

See our Facebook page for pictures of many of the activities of the week, but below are a few selections:

Grandparent Day was a huge success!

Roller skating is a great treat!

3rd graders skating

Finally, enjoy this short “commercial” created for CSW 2018 with footage from our Lincoln Catholic Schools:

God bless you and Happy Catholic Schools Week!2018 CSW Logo_Book_Cross

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