“Mom, What Would You Have Done Differently?”

A young mom with three kids asked her mom the question above.  I couldn’t wait to hear the answer, as the elder mom is a beautiful soul who was the heart of their home and sacrificed much for her children.  She said, “I would have tried to intentionally enjoy the little moments more with you kids, and I would have said, ‘No.’ to a few more requests.

Enjoying moments with the children is easy here at school, as other adults who understand kid humor are always at hand.  Enjoy them well at home too, thank God for such surprises.  God blesses us with such moments to lighten our hearts in the midst of the challenges.

Elaborating on the second part, “I should have said ‘No’ more because I loved them enough to trust my own instincts and not fall to societal view of letting them go too early and unprepared. It is a tough balance for parents and educators alike to be strong in conviction and discipline and yet human and loving enough to protect them from temptations and forgive them and ourselves for mistakes that we learn from the hard way.”

Parenting isn’t easy, neither is education, but they are good, very good.  There is no task more important than formation of the human soul.  May God bless you in your role and us in ours.  Many things try to distract us from establishing a sound foundation for the young ones, Lord send us the grace to sort it out and see as You see.

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