Chicken Challenge

The creativity of kids knows few bounds!  Put a little eggs-elerant (accelerant) on 6th grade minds and “The Chicken Challenge” is born.


Goal:  Raise funds to feed hungry kids and build community spirit as we do so.

Last year “Pig Out” was the theme and the kids went hog wild with the theme for their mission carnival and fund raiser.  (a shot from last year’s group).


We can hardly wait to see what egg-celent work they will do this year!

Thanks to Sister Mary Guadalupe and Mrs. McElroy for working with the kids to hatch the ideas.  Channeling their creativity is truly a work of art.  Maintaining your mental composure during the process is a work of virtue.  Result of the whole project: charity and sanctity, with various degrees of enjoyment mixed in.

See the source image

The kids ideas are still incubating, but thus far a chicken chase and maybe a chicken chant and the Good Lord knows only what else, but all in the name of charity for the Church!  Please stand by for further details from this chapter of chicken chiefs and their chipper children.

Checking out, and cheering them on!

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