He Wailed, “Sometimes I Forget Who I Am!”

In the midst of the sobs, I was shocked for three reasons:

  1. That is a profound statement.
  2. To make it in the midst of a difficult situation is not normal.
  3. He’s just a little guy, there is a lot going on inside here!

Oh, did he make a good point!  I, too, often forget who I am, a daughter of the Father Who infinitely love me.  Don’t tell them this, but the kids here deliver homilies to me frequently, about which they have no clue.  Boy, was this one articulate!

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t need the reminder.  Are you remembering you are a child of the Father who infinitely loves you?  Thanks for the grace, little fellow, as you remember who you are, I’ll remember who I am, too.

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