A Very Odd Advent Blessing?

Ransomware virus, here, big and bad.  When the tech expert, says, “Oh wow, I need to call the supervisor of the network support group at the office.”  You know you have trouble.  I hope you don’t ever see this screen:


God has blessings in store with every challenge.  (If the wrong person reads that right now I might find a shoe in my mouth.  We do have shoes all over the place as St. Nick will be filling them soon.  I hope they all stay on the floor.)  Sometimes it takes a while for the blessings to come and the graces to take hold, but I am seeing them already.

First, yesterday I asked Mrs. Noble, our network manager, how she was feeling about the whole issue.  She said, “We are doing what we can and I sure can’t solve it so I’m doing OK.  We have fed them the information they need and they are working on it, so what else can I do?”

“Bravo, Mrs. Noble, so let’s be at peace.”  We can have a technology challenge and be a nervous wreck, or we can have a tech challenge and be at peace.  Either way we have the challenge.”  Secondly, God is reminding us that we can do without the ease of communication for a while.  Third, I am thankful for those guys who are digging down to the “Disaster Recovery” software that they built into our system to help in such situations.

We are putting a lot more steps in the hallway to get things to the places they need to go, but it is working most of the time anyway.  If you sent an email to school that your child needed to be picked up in a different place, we will need some patience from you and we will need it here too.  We haven’t lost anyone yet, and don’t plan to start now, but it may take a little while longer than normal to do the old tasks, for which we have to resurrect the old procedures.

For today, please go to our website to see the newsletter.  Internet still works, but not email so we can post it there.  There will be no email notification with the newsletter, just go to the website at saintpeterslincoln.com/school.html  and you will get the info as usual.  Christmas program info and other timely info can be found there.  Thanks for taking the extra step needed to get to the information.

Blessed Advent to all.  Our Lady Undoer of Knots, pray for us!

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