CKs Become Legit

Fr. Bernardo’s calendar for Sunday Nov. 26th at 2:00 said, “CKs Become Legit.”  For those newer to our school, CK means Christ the King.  Our official title is School Sisters of Christ the King, or CK for short.  The “legit” part is technically known as “Canonical Establishment as a Religious Community of Diocesan Right.”  The pictures are a lot more fun than the words!  We’ve been working toward this for 41 years, so it was a big deal for us!


Entrance procession into the Cathedral.


We professed our vows together.  Here are the words that bind us to our KING!

vow formula

Here Sister Mary Ruth is lying on the floor of the Cathedral as a sign of dying to the world and all that may keep her from Christ so she can live for Him alone.




Below she professes her vows into the hands of Mother Joan Paul, a representative of the Lord.”


Right after we came out of the Cathedral after the Liturgy, we are in the process of lining up for a photo.  Note the look on the faces!

CRC unorg

Below are the program and the first paragraph of the prayer for the newly-professed that the Bishop reads.  That first line has provided fodder for hours of meditation for me both before and since the event.  “Father in heaven, our desire to serve you is itself your gift and our perseverance needs your guiding hand….”

Praise the Lord with us, please.  Our Father loves to shower graces upon all of us, His Church.  What a fine opportunity for Him to do so.  May we receive His blessings well!  Here’s a view from heaven.

CRC out front

For more pictures see our facebook page.

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