Fun Fatima Friday!

That was the response of a child when during Friday’s homily Father Danek asked what was going on special today.  I hadn’t named it that, but, oh, does it fit!

The day began with special events even before Mass.  The Bishop sent Miraculous Medals for all the children, which we strung on Blue Cord and distributed to the children with the recommendation to “Love your Mother” or “Listen to your Mother”.

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Special events continued with the Living Rosary.  The third graders always do it well, but this was particularly beautiful.  Not only did we pray the rosary, but with visuals of each bead and meditations articulately read with a precision of which Mary’s Blue Army would be proud.  The crowd knelt and sat alternately with each decade as directed by the third graders, making it particularly good for the kids who should not be expected to stay in one spot for too long.  I hope they enjoyed it half as much as I did.

We do the Living Rosary annually, but we don’t always follow it with a helium balloon Rosary launch!  What do you think a helium balloon Rosary will look like?  No idea?  Me, either.  It was gorgeous.  Kudos to the committee who farmed the job out to the right group!  In the hallway by the music room as the kids were lining up, we were popping the water balloons which hold it down while waiting for the carriers.  We asked any children named Jacinta, Lucia, Francisco or Mary to help carry out the Rosary.  (We also recruited a few student council members at the last minute when we needed a couple more students, lest those of you who know them think we don’t know their names.)

Our kids are used to the honor guard line-up from our Eucharistic Processions.   This one was different in one big way.

No need for silence this time.  We told the kids to give a cheer for Mary and her Rosary as the Rosary went by.  They then followed in line as the end of the line came by and we all got to the new parking lot.  It was delightful to hear the children’s exclamations as the rosary bobbed through the lines.  Wasn’t the cross on the end particularly well done?  Its scale, color and variation on shape compared to the beads gave it just what was needed.

Once all were in place, we sang the Hail Holy Queen and let ‘er go!  A countdown seemed just the way to go to help everyone be sure to focus on the launch.  Here’s a two minute video of the launch and a few more pictures.

After the launch we came inside to enjoy excerpts of the movie, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima.  Made in the 50s, the movie has some humorous scenes, as well as some that helped us understand the children and what it was like in the grotto that day.  Sister Mary Angela carefully selected the scenes so the story could be followed and enjoyed.  Of course you have to have a little popcorn if you have a movie.

In honor of the Miracle of the Sun we followed up with ice cream SUNdaes.  We had to send the Sun Chips home with the kids lest we make some of them ill from too much indulgence.  Our Lady’s message has a good deal to do with penance in life, but Lent is coming, (lest you think we were just partying and not listening to what Mary had to say.)

Now that’s a Catholic School celebration done well if I’ve ever been part of one!  There was enjoyment for body, mind and soul!  Special kudos to those who contributed to the fundraiser Messages 4 Mary, and for the parents who helped with the process and the event.  It was a witness to community also!  God be praised in the event and for His goodness in making it possible, complete with good weather and a Catholic School full of kids to enjoy it all.  I can just picture our Blessed Mother smiling upon us all.

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