The Before School Huddle

When you see a group of adolescents in a huddle before school, wise crowd control monitors check it out.  There have been two lately:

  • Girls – Fifth graders to be exact. It was a tight group, obviously quite taken with a common focal point.  It was their first day to lead the rosary before Mass and they were looking at one another’s rosaries and making sure they had the prayer leaflet well examined so they could find the right spot, as “You get nervous when you lead,” they told me.


  • Boys – This one was fifth graders, too. They were a couple people deep.  They were clearly intent upon something on the bench.  Band instruments!  It was one of the first days of band and the shine of the new musical tools had them captivated.  It was good to see the mutual sharing.IMG_4533

God be praised that we have a school where kids are gathered in huddles sharing truly good things (sometimes anyway, I ain’t no fool to think know it isn’t always this way, but let’s praise God when it is, and take reparative steps when it is not.)

May God continue to bless us all, which He surely will, may we receive well his grace.

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