Why do you send your child to a Catholic School?  In a homily last spring, Fr. Townsend shared the following quote:

“When we teach our children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving, to be generous, to love others, we instill virtue in their souls and reveal the image of God within them.  This, then, is our task:  to educate both ourselves and our children in godliness; otherwise what answer will we have before Christ’s judgment-seat?”  St. John Chrysostom

Afterward, many of us teachers were commenting on how this was exactly what we are about here at St. Peter’s!  We liked it so much we added it to our PeaceMakers Program.

As I mentioned last week, we are preparing for PeaceMakers Week next week.  Some special activities for the children include:

  • Grades PreK-3 The NED show: this is a nation-wide assembly program on instilling virtues that involves yo-yo’s.  Students will be able to purchase NED yo-yos following the program.


  • Grades 4-5 will learn about resilience and responding to differences from a former graduate of St. Peter’s, Mary Flattery.
  • Grades 6-8 will hear from Tram Rademacher on her powerful story of resilience in escaping Vietnam as a child and being a refugee.

The overview of our whole program (which encompasses every day of the year and not just a single week) is listed below.  On the attachment you can find the “Core Concepts” that will be specifically taught by grade level in each classroom next week.

Sister Mary Angela

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