Desire….With Teeth

This is reportedly a true story, I’ve traced it back through a few people.  When I got as far back as I could, the individual witnessed to the veracity of the original.

The little girl’s personality and joy surpassed what it seemed her small body could hold.  She loved her brother who was only two years older.  He was in second grade, she in kindergarten. The spring was approaching and First Communion was on the horizon. About a week out, the little girl bounded into her brother’s room in the early morning pouncing upon him proclaiming, “Only six days until you receive Jesus in your First Communion!” Her brother came to with a smile and humored the little girl.

The next morning the scenario repeats itself, with slight alterations, “Only five days until your First Communion!”  And it was a little bit louder and more animated, if that is possible.

The trend continued until the day arrived, and Jesus was once again received anew with love.  After Mass the family had a little reception at their house. Father came over and joined the party for a bit. The little girl’s excitement added to the celebration. At one point she went over and asked father, “When can I receive my First Communion?”

“About the time you get old enough to lose your teeth like your brother.”  Father replied. The little girl looked at him nodded and smiled.

The people went on with visiting, and a few minutes later the little girl emerged.  She walked right up to Father, he looked down at her and a look of concern grew on his face, as he could tell something wasn’t right. She opened her little hand and there, smeared with blood, were her two front teeth. She looked at him, and smiled a somewhat messy, toothless smile.  Then she said, “Can I receive my First Communion now?”


Father looked at her wide-eyed, and said, “Yes dear, I think you can.”

toothlessNow, that is a picture of desire.  Lord, I love you and I love your sacraments. Jesus give me a desire like that little girl has. Give me a love that is willing to undergo hardship and pain for love of You. Give me a joy in Your service that is new every day. Thank you, Jesus.  Were you thinking of her when you said, “Unless you become like little children, you shall not enter the Kingdom of God?”

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