Eclipse of _____Doubt?

OK, I’ll admit it, I was impressed.  I knew the eclipse would be rare, time wise especially, but I did not anticipate it would be as awe inspiring as it was.  When I took my little glasses out and looked at the sun on a normal day preparing for the eclipse, the sun was puny.  About the size of a pea in my funky glasses.  So as the eclipse develops we get half a pea, yup, that’s how I was viewing it, still it is rare and we need to plan for it with the rest of the world.  To me it highlighted the regularity and predictability of the planets in their rotation more than putting a pretty picture before me.

Yesterday, God became more of an artist in my mind.

He was a master creator, and made beautiful things, but He did this one for those few minutes for our pleasure, and I really enjoyed it with 500 of my friends, big and little.

Mr. Vu also added a beautiful dimension to the day! Hole cameras constructed with binoculars, made the pea into an egg sized image.  Great improvement!

With the slight cloud cover, I thought we might get nothing, but the sun came right through.  Still I thought, we can see the sun and the partial phases, but in totality, we get no direct sun, so will the clouds, block the corona entirely?  I had no clue, but we all went out to see.  God had such a surprise in store for all of us.  Young and old, we all got to take it in, even the very little ones, watched the darkness descend for a few minutes.  I was so taken with the sky that I didn’t realize it got that dark until I looked at the pictures.IMG_4281

Oh God of wonders, thanks for sharing one with us yesterday.

We praise you.

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  1. goforthpodcast

    AMEN!! There aren’t words to express how amazing it was!

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