Eclipse on the Horizon

We are very much looking forward to next Monday’s eclipse! The visual below is one of my favorites from NASA.

eclipse paths

The rarity and predictability of the eclipses strikes me to the core with the complexity and REGULARITY of the orbit of the planets.  The planets have been orbiting for a long time, and if their orbits were even a little bit off meaning farther away of closer, they would eventually either fly into space or be pulled into the gravity of the planet around which they orbit.  But NO, when God placed the planets in motion he did so with a perfect balance between the centrifugal force of their mass in orbit and the gravity of the planet around which they orbit, and the Father did that for each one!  And then He waits for us to figure it out and be in awe!

 We hope to open ourselves to His wonders on Monday.  To do so with our children we will need to follow a plan and have a good deal of order for the sake of taking in the experience and doing so safely.  Here’s the general plan:

  • During recess Mr. Peter Vu, who has been dubbed our specialist for the event, will have a tent up and children may view the preliminary developments via a pin hole box or using the Solar Safety glasses.
  • About 15 minutes before the eclipse we will have a fire drill.
  • Children will move to their assigned spots on the new parking lot.

 site with parents

  •  In order to take in the sounds, possible temperature change, and growing darkness, we are going to ask the children to be quiet until after the eclipse (second whistle)
  • Children may sit, or stand, depending upon age and stability on their feet when they get to their spot.  Teachers will be with their classes
  • Anyone looking up at the sun must put their glasses on before looking up.
  • A minute before “totality” we will ask all children to put their glasses on via the PA system.
  • Ten seconds into totality, one whistle will sound.  All may safely take off their glasses and view the total eclipse.
  • One minute later (ten seconds before the eclipse ends), a whistle will sound twice signaling all to put their glasses back on and safely view the ending of the totality phase.
  • When the whistle sounds twice the children may speak and emote all they wish.

If you wish to join us you are welcome!  They say viewing with a group adds to the experience!  If you need glasses from us here we have several extra pair.  Call 402-421-6299 or email the office to reserve a pair.

  • If parents wish to join us for viewing, the old parking lot near the basketball poles would be a good place.  During the ten minutes the children are asked to be quiet, to be able to take in the sounds, we would appreciate the same from the parent area.
  • If you wish to have your child with you, please come early enough to sign them out at the front desk (10:30 at the latest), and then view by the bell tower if you wish to stay on the grounds.

SUN AND MOON, Bless the Lord!

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