Glad to See a Sad Kid?

It just doesn’t sound Christian to be glad to see a sad kid.  I must confess, I kind of was.  This is what I saw.  Typically that little fellow comes out of school running 100 mph, gives his dad a hug and off they go.  This day, he trudged out, the weight of the world upon his little shoulders, slumped.  He looked up at his dad.  A tear or two rolled.  Dad bent down, and as they left, dad said to me, “He loves his teacher.”  It was the last day of school.  Yes, I was kind of glad to see more than one sad child leaving.  I must add I saw the same among the teachers.  One of them shared that, though she had no intention of letting any emotion out, it just happened.  One of the more callous boys said, “Oh boy, here she goes again.”  You have to love them!

God be praised for kids who love school and their teachers, and teachers who love their kids.  We are here to teach and learn; that works a lot better when we love, too.

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  1. i can never say it enough, thanks to you and all the st. peter’s staff!!!

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